Student Testimonials

Madelaine from Guinea

"I think it’s very important for a school to be diverse because then we not only learn to love other cultures and to appreciate it, but also learn to help the students that need the sense of belonging and community."

Rhagnild from Norway

"We’re pretty lucky here in Salt Lake because we have the best of both worlds: the mountains up by the university and urban city life down in Salt Lake City. You can go hike and then take the bus downtown and go shopping."

Rohan from India

"The University of Utah is a research-based Institution, so it has a lot of grants coming in from all regions. So you have more [opportunities] at getting teaching assistantships or research assistantships, which increases the internship opportunities."

Khango from Korea

"People are very warm and open-minded. That impressed me. Professors respect you a lot, so you can discuss everything with other students and your professors. Professors always respect my opinions, especially in my video class. It has inspired me to create a Youtube channel."

Sai from India Major: Chemical Engineering

"The University of Utah has a really good chemical engineering program. With my degree, I’d like to be able to bring about large-scale change to this world. A chemical engineer can work in any field."

University of Utah

#105 National Universities
34,424 total enrollment
4.5% international students
Large, western city

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