Explore the city, the mountains, and the country.

Salt Lake City makes it easy to have fun, whether you’re eating downtown, skiing the slopes, or flying to Los Angeles. Read this page to learn more about Salt Lake City’s convenient public transportation, airports, and more.

Traveling Around Salt Lake City

Utah Transportation Authority (UTA)
As a University of Utah student, you can ride the UTA’s trains and buses for free, so you can travel around Salt Lake City and Northern Utah very easily. Here’s how to use the three lines of the TRAX light rail train system. You can also visit the UTA website for a trip planner, bus and train maps, and more.

Free Campus Shuttles
Getting around the Utah campus is even easier with 12+ campus shuttles that run from early in the morning to late at night. You can even track the location of the different shuttle routes at uofubus.com.

Time to strap on your helmet and have fun exploring the city! Or if you don’t have your own bike, you can join the GREENbike bike share program, which lets you borrow a bike from any bicycle station around the city.

Traveling Around the United States


Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

This airport is just 8 km from downtown Salt Lake City, and you can get there for free as a Utah student using the UTA TRAX train system. With nine airlines using the airport, there are flights all around the United States and the world.

Amtrak Train Station

Amtrak, the U.S. national train service, has a station just a 15-minute drive from campus. You can “ride the rails” to visit nearby spots, like the charming city of Provo, Utah. In the mood to explore further? Take a longer trip to Chicago, Denver, or San Francisco.


Greyhound Bus Station

From the same building as the Amtrak train station, you can also catch Greyhound coach buses to more than 3,800 destinations around the United States and North America.

Traveling to Other Cool Cities

The state of Utah is home to beautiful mountains, interesting culture, and lots of other cool things to explore. And Utah’s convenient location makes it easy to visit other exciting parts of the United States, too.

Ski Resorts Near Campus
Travel: 1 hour by car.
If you want to experience the excitement of seeing snow and trying skiing, you have a choice of five ski resorts within an hour of campus. Visit for just a day trip, or go with some friends and spend a weekend.

Denver, Colorado
Travel: 1.5 hours by airplane.
You could spend a full day in just the Denver Art Museum, famous for its collection of Native American art. Add in a fun dinner in the entertainment area of Larimer Square, a baseball or football game, and some hiking for a cool weekend trip.

Los Angeles, California
Travel: 2.5 hours by airplane.
Los Angeles is world-famous for Hollywood celebrities, incredible food, art, shopping, and great weather. Plus, this huge city in southern California is very diverse, with entire neighborhoods focused on the culture and food from different countries.

Plenty of fun right in Salt Lake City.

Looking for just a little study break, not a long weekend visiting another U.S. city? Salt Lake City and the northern Utah area have lots of fun things for international students.