History, Culture, and Fun

When you’re ready for a study break, Salt Lake City is ready to inspire you. With historic sites, outdoor exercise, and international food, you’ll find it all near campus.

Man-Made and Natural Beauty

Salt Lake City makes it easy to keep your mind and body engaged, even outside the classroom.
Here are the top things that locals, American tourists, and international visitors love about Salt Lake City.
Temple Square in Salt Lake City near University of Utah

Temple Square

Salt Lake City is home to many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Even if you’re not interested in the religious aspects of Temple Square, you can still enjoy the beauty of the architecture and gardens. Temple Square is also home to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, world-famous for their singing.

Outdoor Activities in Salt Lake City close to the University of Utah.

Outdoor Adventures

In the winter, you can choose from five world-class ski resorts that are an hour or less from campus. If you don’t want to try skiing or snowboarding, the state of Utah is also home to five national parks. Hiking, amazing scenery, and even the famous Delicate Arch: There’s something to enjoy all year round when you’re outdoors in Utah.

Diversity in Salt Lake City

Did you know that more than 20% of Salt Lake City residents are Hispanic? Another 5% are Asian. So it’s easy to understand why you’ll find so many international restaurants, food markets, and festivals in town.
Salt Lake City welcomes and celebrates diversity of all kinds. Take the three-day Utah Pride Festival, celebrating the LGBTQ community, or the Living Traditions Festival focused on the ethnic communities of Salt Lake City. It’s a great environment for international students, both as a reminder of home and as exposure to the many different people who call the United States home.
Central City
This exciting neighborhood next to the University of Utah campus is where you’ll find lots of international food: Vietnamese pho; Ethiopian stew; Italian pizza. You can eat your way around the world just by exploring this hip part of Salt Lake City.
Student Groups
Did you know that the University of Utah has more than 600 student organizations? Many of them focus on bringing together students who share cultural or religious interests. So it’s easy to get involved and make friends while you’re right on campus.

Other Popular Things to Do

Professional Sports
Cheer for Real Salt Lake, Utah’s professional football/soccer team. Or experience live professional basketball by going to a Utah Jazz game.

Clark Planetarium
If you like space or science, you’ll find this planetarium interesting and exciting. It’s in the Gateway, an outdoor shopping mall that also has stores, restaurants, and even a music venue.

Friday Night Flicks
Grab a blanket and watch an outdoor movie with your friends. During warm months, Salt Lake City shows free movies at the city’s parks. Don’t forget to bring some snacks!

Art and History
You don’t need to go far to find inspiration. Both the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the Natural History Museum of Utah are on the University of Utah campus.

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