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Must-Have Apps for All College Students – Productivity Edition

Productivity Apps on iPhone

To have the recipe for success in college, all you need to do is mix up the correct ingredients. And to help you find those ingredients, we started a series on the must-have apps for college students. Our first blog introduced a variety of helpful learning apps. This time, we will be focusing on the apps that can assist you in being more productive. College is all about being effective and efficient, and these apps are the ingredients to achieve both.


Do you like to keep everything in one place and organized at the same time? We have the perfect assistant for you: Trello. Save and organize anything and everything you want right here in the app. Not only will this keep everything consolidated but you can access it wherever you want. You can use it on your phone, desktop or the website itself. Life is so much easier when everything is accessible and in one place!


Freedom – Reduce Distractions

Those of us who have short attention spans can attest that the Freedom app really helps when you’re ready to focus on your classwork. This app helps you block websites on your laptop for any designated amount of time so that you are not tempted to be distracted. This is going to be a lifesaver in class when you’re doing everything but paying attention.


Save yourself from being late for class. Download Alarmy and never worry about over sleeping again. This app stops you from snoozing–you simply pick a fun mission or task (like scan a barcode, solve a math problem, take a picture, etc.), and you’re too busy to skip- class or take a nap.




Too much workload? Wunderlist helps you track assignments, deadlines, appointments and any other tasks you may have. You can also set reminders and add notes so that you don’t have to open the class syllabus every time you have a doubt. Putting all your due dates in Wunderlist at the beginning of the semester will ensure you never miss a deadline!

Pocket Points

You’re probably not allowed to use your phones during class, right? Well you can earn points on Pocket Points when your phone is not in use. These points will help you get discounts to your favorite campus stores. So lock your phone, pay attention in class and BE REWARDED!



These apps have been lifesavers for many people. They are hand not only for college students but for anyone who wants to be efficient and successful. Why not use apps to make life simpler and to have everything easily accessible. So, get your life on track and use these tools to mix-up your own recipe for success!


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